(from unsolicited emails & reviews)

"Your service has been great and I've made a point of referring those who go beyond the every day expectations that Realtors and clients have. You have always come through. I even have had a few of my Realtors call me and say thank you for referring them to you as well! L. W. can't stop talking about how happy she was with your service. I appreciate your kind email and I will continue to refer you to others."
Keller Williams

"Thanks . . . I'm anxious to be able to call you. .... that was above the norm.... keep it up...And I learned something and you do offer above normal.... !!!!!!!!!!!!"
Keller Williams

"Thank you for the thorough and professional inspection / report. Your meticulous attention to details and clarity of explanation in report, will serve all concerned parties well. Again, thank you."
~ Susan

"Thanks so much for doing such a good job with all of our inspections this year. You were just what we were looking for & we are very picky because we want high quality and good customer service, which you do!"
Realty World

"Thank you for doing such a professional job. Let me know if you need me to provide a reference for you. I appreciate all your skill and professionalism."
(Seller Client)

"Thank you. You were right, [your report] is thorough AND easy to understand. Rick thumbed through it and was rightly impressed. I'm sure you'll get appropriate referrals from him."
(Buyer Client)

"We liked your responsiveness, detailed reports, and your credentials."
Aspire Realty

"I've been meaning to tell you that I am still getting great feedback from my agents for your presentation. Thank you so much for coming out to our office. If you're up for a repeat performance in 2006 we would love to have you again."
Princeton Capital

"Nice job - Nice report. I will keep you in mind the next time I need an inspection."
Winchester Realty

"Thanks Chris, the inspection is extremely easy to read, and I was very happy to have you out so quickly. You provided us with a thorough report in a timely manner, which is always appreciated!"
Century 21

"Hi Chris, Thank you for your professionalism and detailed work. We will recommend you for future work to friends, relatives etc."

"You are AWESOME, Chris! FAST WORK! My buyer was very impressed with your fast and thorough work. Thank you so much."

"We appreciate the way you explain things to our clients to have them understand and to not alarm them."

"Thanks for your great job! I will recommend you to my clients and my friends."
Keller Williams Realty

I was very impressed with you today. Thank you. I look forward to working with you in the future."
Alain Pinel

"Please feel free to use us as a reference in the future."

"Thanks Chris. I appreciate you sending the report over so quickly."

"That was perfect! Thank you so much on being so efficient and quick. We all really appreciate it."
Realty World

"We appreciate how prompt you have been with our clients."
(Listing Agent)

"I thought you did a very good job."
(Listing Agent)

"Thanks so much for all of your great inspections. I plan on using you more. . . ."
Coldwell Banker

"Thank you. Very informative and excellent report. Impressive and appreciated. Thanks again for helping at short notice and prompt response."

"Chris- Thank you so much for your excellent service and flexibility for this client and me. It is so appreciated!"
Keller Williams

"You can be certain I will continue to refer to you."
Mortgage Magic

"Hi! Chris:
Many thanks for your work. I appreciate your time and efforts. I am glad to see Nick can find you to do the inspection."

"Thanks for getting the report together so quickly."

"Thank you very much Chris. I like your promptness and professionalism very much... It is a pleasure to work with you."

I reviewed your report and it looks very professional and complete. I plan to follow-up with several of your recommendations regarding my house."

"Thank you for the quick report. Sorry, you had to work on your weekend."
Best regards,

Once again your promptness and professionalism are very much appreciated..."

"I have been very satisfied with your home inspection report. You were very professional, explained everything clearly to me, and delivered the report on a timely manner. The photos helped a lot. On top of that, your fees were reasonable and I definitely will call you again on my next listing."
Jo Ann
Golden World Realty

"Hi Chris
I am very very satisfied with your inspection you performed on the property located at 4976 Collomia Ct. Your inspection was very serious, including minor damage. I already bought this house. I will keep your name and phone #, and I will refer you to any people that need an inspection in the future."
Thanks again,
Landmark Real Estate Investments

"Thank you! You did a beautiful report. My buyer is delighted. . ."

"I am impressed by,
your quality work,
scheduling my appointment the next day when I called,
report delivered to me in less than 3 hours after the inspection,
and the report is so easy to read.
I'll definitely refer you to my friends."
Ellen (Client)

"Chris endeavors to produce expert results when inspecting homes. He stays abreast of industry updates and certification and is very detailed in his approach while maintaining an excellent working relationship with his customers. I highly recommend Chris for home inspections and will continue to refer my clients to him."

"I have used Chris' services as a property inspector many times. He is very professional and takes care of my clients' needs very well. My clients feel very comfortable with his findings because he has great reports that he produces very quickly and always takes the time to explain things in greater detail."

"Chris is a great attribute to the local real estate community. Chris is not only a very thorough home inspector and does quality work but he is a great spokesperson in the community. I have known Chris for several years now and he is always up beat and has a smile on his face. I truly enjoy working with Chris and I look forward to Chris' continued leadership in the real estate community. I would highly recommend Chris."
Lawson & Associates

"Hi Chris,
Thank you for your promptness and professionalism. I am sure Jack was impressed by you as well."
Coldwell Banker

"I new she thought you were good right away buddy. She told me the day after the inspection. She had other choices but you were both the best price and the best attitude."
Bank of America

"Thanks again for your good service and coming out as promptly as you did. We really appreciate the patience and time you took to share with us at each step of the inspection, providing a thorough oral explanation. We look forward to seeing the final report."

"When our former property inspector retired, after over 20 years of service, going to Chris was a natural step. Chris has been an active member of the real estate board, regular speaker and sponsor of our weekly meetings for many years. We knew we could count on Chris and didn't need to interview anyone else. Two years later, we are still very happy with Chris. His "non-alarmist" ways make our clients comfortable with any of his findings. He is always on time, thorough, and detailed. We, and our clients, learn a lot from Chris as he explains his findings and the inner workings of the systems in a home. Working with Chris enhances our ability to service our clients. I'm proud to have him as a member of our "team" of people who help make us look good!"

"Chris has been a godsend to me. He seems to always have time, will fit me in on short notice, and is very thorough. The best part about Chris is his color photographs that come with the prompt inspection report, that is emailed to myself and the client. I would advise anyone who needs a great home inspector, to give Chris a call."
Coldwell Banker

"Thanks so much for the prompt, friendly, and professional service! It really helps me as a first-time buyer to know what's really happening inside the house I'd like to make my new home."

"Hi Chris,
I got your voicemail last night - thank you for your message and for such a speedy report! It's amazing that you got all that done in just a day! I appreciate your professionalism and promptness. The report is very nicely done and easy to understand.
I will definitely be referring you to my colleagues."
Thanks again!
K. Pham

"My Realtor agent created an addendum based on your recommendations. So thanks for the wonderful home inspection."

"Hi Chris,
Thanks for turning this around so quickly and juggling a busy schedule to make it here on Friday. We really appreciate it.
With appreciation,

"I called Chris on a Thursday afternoon for an ASAP home inspection since I only have 5 days on the home contingency. Chris arranged to meet me that Saturday AM. He arrived on time and was very professional in his demeanor. He spent ~2-3 hours doing the home inspection. After the inspection, he went through all the issues with the Realtor and me. He was extremely thorough and explained to us in great details regarding his findings. He never seemed to be in a rush and was patient in answering our questions. I received the home inspection report the very next day. Just as his website promised, the inspection report was very organized and easy to read. I really appreciate Chris for helping out with the home inspection. Would certainly highly recommend Chris to my friends and family!"